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The Best and Worst of Home Brewing

I started to pull together a list of the best and worst things about home brewing. The list might be a little biased towards the positive but I can’t come up with many negatives as to why I wouldn’t brew beer at home.

The #1 and best thing about home brewing is the amazing community of like minded individuals with the same passion.  Everyone is willing to share their experiences, secrets, show off their kegerators and nano-brewery setups, post their recipes and most importantly express their absolute love of the thing we covet – “liquid gold”.

Here are some community groups to get you started in no particular order:


  1. Opening up the first bottle of a new batch, finding out you made Beer, real tasty beer that beats most commercials.
  2. Trying recipes you’ve created and the wait to it to see if it will be amazing.
  3. Enjoying brew day with family and friends.
  4. Drinking the beer & finding you did a pretty darn good job of brewing it.
  5. Designing a new recipe, playing with the variables, seeing how various ingredients affect the beer.
  6. Weighing out the grains and hops the night before a brew day.
  7. Getting my hands into the ingredients, smell the fresh grain and hops, the excitement of getting everything ready.
  8. The smell of the mash and knowing I hit my temperatures perfectly.
  9. Pitching the yeast and anticipating the beer to come.
  10. Having someone try my beer and be sincerely impressed.
  11. Winning medals/prizes/recognition in homebrew competitions.
  12. Sharing knowledge with and learning from other enthusiastic home brewers, particularly when I happen to run into one at a beer festival.
  13. Cracking open a bottle of carbed beer, hearing that “Pssht!”, and knowing it worked.
  14. That first taste of a new batch
  15. Designing recipes, names, labels and of course, drinking beer!
  16. Brewday, I love everything about it. Especially the smell while mashing. I wish I could smell that everyday.


  1. Having to wait at least 4-6 weeks between brewday and first taste…patience is not my forte.
  2. Cleaning
  3. CLEANING. Did I mention how I hate cleaning?
  4. People thinking all I do is drink 24/7
  5. Waiting
  6. Running out of beer
What is your best and worst of home brewing?
What home brew groups are you part of?
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