Join the Small Batch Home Brew Club on Facebook

This Facebook group was specifically created to help home brewers of any skill levels to brew better craft beer in Small Batches at home.

Anyone who wants to learn to brew beer or refine their craft is welcome to join this group. Our mantra and sole purpose is to share recipes, secrets, experimental ingredients and learn to brew the very best craft beer at home. Share your tips, help other brewers and get your liquid gold out there in lights. Invitation is open to anyone that loves beer and wants to learn the art behind the craft.

The best thing about this group is the willingness and support everyone gives to fellow members. Ask any question and I’m sure there will be an answer to help you out.  Home brew is best shared with friends and family.

That’s all there is to it and remember Dream Big, Brew Small.
Our commitment is to help you brew better beer, with only the essential premium equipment you need. Get one of our home brew starter kits and mini keg kits and start your journey with us. Just because you are brewing small doesn’t mean you cant dream big. Tag us @smallbatchbrew so we can tell the world about another up and coming Master Brewer.