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Beer is best drunk cold and fresh and the beauty of the internet is that it has created a much needed beer journal to track the beers we make and drink.

Are you making our recipes at home?  Now you can check-in and rate the beer each time you crack open a new one.

Here is a list of our Small Batch Brew Recipe Kits along with their Untappd check-in link

Citra Warrior Amber IPA

A rich caramel, toffee sweetness with a long bitterness. Beautiful citra hop aroma that is balanced and not over powering. Creamy head and good retention from top to bottom.

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Dubbel Trouble Belgian Strong Ale

Deep caramel, marmalade, toffee and spices combine to make this Dubbel Trouble Strong Ale. Rich flavours blend together so nicely, easily drinkable. Saaz Nobel hops make it smooth with a light bitterness.

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Splat and Smash Bohemian Pilsner

A smooth, crisp Bohemian pilsner with a harmonious blend of Spalt noble hops with a forward herbal bitterness and tasty malt backbone.

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Vanilla Chocolate Stout

Using a mix of Roast Barley, Chocolate and Caramel Malt which give a huge amount of rich body to the beer and a generous amount of UK hops to create a bitter edge, the sweetness comes from the addition of Chocolate and Vanilla beans. Could this be the rich and opulent side of life?

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Pond Ripple American Pale Ale

East Kent Goldings hops give this a delicate aroma, sticky spice and grassy flavours. This give way to a light, persistent bitterness and the Citra hops pair beautifully to produce a soft citrus finish.

Light and crystal malt lets the hop dazzle and sparkle on your tongue. Expand your repertoire as this recipe brews with 2 different types of hops additions.

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Blueberry and Thyme Saison

This one will get your tastebuds souring to new heights. This is a blend of fresh summer flavors. The tart sweetness of ripe blueberries combined with the floral warmth of thyme evoke garden memories and summer in a glass.

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Red Hole Sun RIPA (Rye PA)

This ruby red has a big pillowy head. Our Rye PA is paired with Challenger and Mosaic for that blueberry/bubblegum aroma and a medium bitterness. Expect some nice spicy notes to take flight. Watch the sunset and solve the problems of the world with mates. A great Autumn beer as the days get shorter and the temperature starts to drop.

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