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Common Beer Off Flavours – Metallic, Copper, ink and blood

Off Flavour: Metallic

Chemical Name: Ferrous Sulphate

What to taste or smell: Tastes of metal, copper, ink or blood. The best way to identify this is to rub a bit of beer on the back of your hand. This gives off a strong metallic odour and sensation.

When does it occur: Poor quality metal work, piping or via packaging (bottle caps, kegs or cans). Make sure your mini kegs have a passivated coating (ours do). Grains that aren’t stored correctly or are old can also impart metallic off flavours.

Will it disappear over time: No, it will likey increase with aging.

Tips on how to reduce Ferrous Sulphate:

  • Remove metal ions by treating your brewing water
  • Use food grade plastic, glass, or stainless steel to store both your fermenting and finished beer.
  • Replace corroded fittings and fixtures immediately

Other Common Off Flavours:

  1. Who put a banana in my beer?
  2. Why does my beer smell like butterscotch or popcorn?
  3. Did someone fart in my beer?


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