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Hops Points Loyalty Program

Don’t you just hate it when you spend money at a store and they treat you like a new customer every time you return!

Well we have had a gut full and believe that you should get a reward for every purchase, review, Facebook or Instagram Like and sign up.  The beauty is that there isn’t a waiting period and you don’t need millions of points to get something you really want.

How Hops Points Work?

Create an Account on Small Batch Brew 2000 Points
Review a product you have already purchased 2000 Points
Purchase any product from our home brew supplies shop 10 Points per dollar spent
Once a month we will reward a random person with a bucket load of points just for liking us on Facebook or Instagram or sharing a post with their mates

*remember you need to have an account first and tag us using @smallbatchbrew otherwise we don’t know who you are

20000 Points*

Where are my Hops Points located?

Just go to your account via the top icon (the one that looks like a head), the My Account link at the bottom of the page or via the following link – https://smallbatchbrew.com.au/my-account/

How do I use my Hops Points? 

At checkout you can use your points towards your order. Simply click the Apply Discount button and voila you are done.

Will my Hops Points expire?

You have 12 months to use your points but considering you don’t have to wait to use them this is more than enough time.

What can I use my Hops Points on?

Anything you like as there isn’t any restrictions.

That’s all there is to it and remember Dream Big, Brew Small.
Our commitment is to help you brew better beer, with only the essential premium equipment you need. Get one of our home brew starter kits and mini keg kits and start your journey with us. Just because you are brewing small doesn’t mean you cant dream big. Tag us @smallbatchbrew so we can tell the world about another up and coming Master Brewer.