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Brewfather is a brewing software made from the ground up to give you the best recipe design and brewing experience on both desktop and mobile devices. With a modern design that is easy to use. Get your recipes done in no time! With automatic synchronization between all your devices and offline support.

Available as a web app that can be used on any device. Add it to your home screen or desktop without having to install anything.

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Brewfather includes:

  • Powerful, intuitive and easy to use interfac
  • Multi-device support – one app everywhere – always!
  • Offline support, auto-saving and automatic synchronization
  • Fully-featured and easy to use recipe designer
  • Complete batch tracking – log every step of your brew
  • Fermentation chart 
  • Recipe library with hundreds of quality recipes available for you
  • Brew timer with alarms and notifications for your brewday!
  • Profiles for your equipment, mash schedule, fermentation steps, and water
  • Highly customizable equipment profile to suit any brewing system
  • Large customizable ingredients database
  • Inventory stock & cost tracking
  • Multiple style guidelines (BJCP, Brewers Association, Norbrygg, SHBF, DØDL)
  • Supports custom style guidelines
  • Print your recipe or batch to PDF
  • Import and export BeerXML 
  • Metric and US/Imperial units
  • Scale recipes up/down
  • Easily share recipes
  • Estimate your Final Gravity based on many variables
  • Calculate every important detail of your recipes and batches
  • Easy to use yeast amount and yeast starter calculator
  • Integrated water adjustment calculator with mash pH
  • Strike temperature calculation
  • Proper calculation of hopstand bitterness
  • API support for integration with your own tools or third party solutions
  • And many more tools and features to help your brewing!Integrations:
  • Integrate Tilt, iSpindel, Brewpiless, MyBrewbot, Plaato Airlock, Plaato Keg and Custom Stream with Webhook support
  • Full SmartPID two-way integration, for brew-day and fermentation control


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