All in One Home Brew Beer Starter Kit

for Beginners through to Advanced


86 reviews

Our Small Batch home brew beer starter kit has been designed for the home brewer by professional brewers.  Keeping it small means you have more control of the finished product and will turn out great beer time after time.

This kit is perfect for the beginner who has never brewed before or the advanced brewer that wants to scale down and brew more often.

These homebrew all grain starter kits comes with everything you need to brew a top quality craft beer at home.

Our starter kits will teach you how to brew beer using all grain, the way commercial breweries brew their beer.



Start your home brewing journey with this all in one home brew beer starter kit.  This kit gives you everything you need to make 5 litres of the best craft beer you can think of.  All of these bits have been carefully chosen by professional brewers for home brewers and beer lovers.

This kit is perfect for the beginner who has never brewed before or the advanced brewer that wants to scale down and brew more often.

Making 5 litres at a time means you can create a new style of beer every 2 weeks and control the outcome to your liking.

Our home brew recipe kit includes Grain, Malt, Yeast, Hops and Whirlfloc to clear your beer –  all vacuum sealed and freshly packed.  Alternatively feel free to search through our recipes and get your ingredients from your preferred store.  The choice is yours.

This is not one of those kits that you add water and yeast, we will teach you how to make real beer from scratch.

What’s included in our Small Batch Home Brew Beer Starter Kit:
  • 5 Litre Glass Carboy
  • LCD Thermometer
  • Enolandia Premium Mini Auto Syphon
  • S Bubbler Airlock with Cap
  • Food Grade Silicone Bung
  • Thermometer Probe
  • Triple Scale Alcohol Hydrometer
  • Test Tube Cylinder 100ml
  • Stainless Steel Funnel with Filter
  • Hop Sock
  • Large Grain Bag – BIAB (Brew in a Bag)
  • FREE Brew Day Bits Storage Bag
  • FREE 30 grams of Sodium Percarbonate

All you now need is a stove, a 10-15 litre stock pot and a big dream to brew small.

Learn to homebrew with Small Batch Brew, we will be with you every step of the way.

Upgrade your kit at any stage when you want to switch from bottles to kegs with our tailored All In One Mini Beer Keg Kit

Additional information

Weight 3.50 kg
Dimensions 30 × 19 × 35 cm

86 reviews for All in One Home Brew Beer Starter Kit

  1. Liam (verified owner)

    Ordered this kit with the Citra Warrior recipe. It is really great for first time brewers. Already drank all the beer from the first batch with a few different friends and everyone was really amazed at how good it tasted and actually preferred it over some of the other craft beers we usually drink, which is pretty crazy for a first home brew. So two thumbs up straight away.
    But, I had the same problem with the auto siphon mentioned in another review. Basically it straight up didn’t work for these smaller volumes, the siphon needs to be submerged above a certain point to even begin to force the liquid up the tube and it is almost certain you will mix everything up during fermentation transfer and bottling trying to get the thing to pump. I ended up throwing the auto siphon away and just trying to siphon it across with the tube filled with water, but that resulted in lots of wasted wort and beer… bought a small diaphragm pump and some food grade silicon tubing for about $50 and it made the whole process a million times easier. I wonder if in future they could sell this kit with a small transfer pump or at least add it as an option? I honestly don’t know how anyone transfers to and from the fermenter without mixing everything up when siphoning. Otherwise great kit and great recipe!

    • Anton

      Thanks for the feedback Liam and we will be looking at the premium auto syphon in the future but at this stage we are negotiating a better deal with the supplier to keep the prices down.

  2. Scott Mueller (verified owner)

    Good kit to start off with, and especially appreciated the clear instructions and tips included and the help from Anton. I really wish the kit had included a bottle wand though. I would also happily pay extra for a ‘premium’ kit that included a higher quality siphon (the seal on mine was DOA) and the hop bombs shown in the picture instead of hop socks. Now i just have to improve my technique!

    • Anton

      Thanks for the feedback and we are always looking at improvements in our instructions and equipment.

  3. Reeceash (verified owner)

    Bought the all in one beginners kit, got it in the post in just over a week. Everything is high quality, only just managed to get it started due to busy times but I found the instructions really easy to follow and im now just about to transfer to bottles. Will see how it turns out! Thanks small batch brewing

  4. Garthca (verified owner)

    My Kit has turned up. Well packed and presented. I have read the instructions and will tackle my first homebrew on Saturday. Can’t wait.

    Heres to beer.

  5. Spfellows (verified owner)

    First time brewer, straight into it from scratch, great detailed instructions and all the bits you need, meant I brewed a beer I’d pay for. I didn’t quite extract enough from the grain so it was a bit lighter in alcohol than it was meant to be, but it was still full flavoured and crafty. Planning the next batch now

  6. eckers7 (verified owner)

    The All in One Starter kit from Small Batch was my first attempt at brewing. Seriously surprised at how well the first brew turned out.

    The recipes come with great instructions and the kit explains how to brew pretty well. Already have my 2nd brew bottled and looking forward to experimenting with different grains/hops.

    Having tasted a couple of homebrews from friends that use extracts, the difference in flavour and quality from the all-grain is significant. Highly recommend this starter kit, it is a great way to learn the basics of brewing!

    • Anton

      Thanks for the feedback Ross. Sounds like your friends will be over more often.

  7. Klaudia Burzynska (verified owner)

    I got it as a birthday gift for my boyfriend. Boy, how little did I know !! He is now obssessed with home brewing, all I can see is him reading online about malt, hops and ordering a bunch of stuff. Now we have a big keg fridge with 3 taps, so he can brew multiple beers at a time… The pilsner was delicious, great beer. Customer service is also top notch, all of my questions were answered imeditatelly. thank you

    • Anton

      It’s a slippery slope and we are glad you are on the brewing ride with us. Thanks for the kind words Klaudia and we look forward to seeing your next brews.

  8. danamann (verified owner)

    My first homebrew kit and was easy to follow. Kit is good quality and packaged really nicely. I just had my first glass of the Pond Ripple Pale Ale and I’m so happy with the result. Great taste and colour with a good head. A good choice to start with, I’ve already got second recipe in the fermenter.

  9. Jonathon Gilberd (verified owner)

    Great way to get into all grain brewing. The recipes are well put together and produce a quality beer.

    Customer service is fantastic with quick responses. Flat rate postage is much cheaper than other competitors sites.

  10. Matt (verified owner)

    Kit was out for delivery same day as order.
    Arrived in a convenient package containing all the bells and whistles. Clear instructions were provided. Service responsive and helpful. Antony is wonderful to deal with.

  11. Ryanbrah (verified owner)

    Awesome little beginner kit that doesnt break the bank and rapid postage aswell.

  12. Beardy (verified owner)

    Great kit. Speedy delivery and good support.

    It’s my first brew day today. I can’t wait to sample the end product.

    5 star product.

  13. Trav Halliday (verified owner)

    Have found the customer service to be great so far! My Delivery was damaged before leaving and a new one was sent out right away! even with a phone call from Anton to advise me of what had happened.

    Looking forward to getting started this weekend!

  14. (verified owner)

    Bought this as a gift for my partner and we are looking forward to trying it out. Our first time brewing so the all in one lit was very handy and stylish.

  15. Matthew Jonson (verified owner)

    As a new brewer, I found it easy with this high quality kit. It has everything you need to start brewing and made it stress free with step by step guide on how to brew your beer.

  16. C Forster (verified owner)

    Really good starter kit. Has (almost) everything you need. Could be better with the addition of soft supple silicone hose instead of vinyl and a bottling wand would be handy. Otherwise can’t fault the kit.

    • Anton

      Thanks for the feedback and will be looking into the bottle filler suggestion.

  17. Blair Carlson (verified owner)

    Great quality kit. Beer looking smelling and tasting great! have my second beer down, and many more to come.

  18. Silas Mountford (verified owner)

    I just another brew using the kit, I love how easy it is with all of the gear provided and the fact that I don’t need a dedicated brew shed to fit everything in. I’m now brewing very 2 weeks versus my mates with big 3 vessel set ups who only brew once every couple of months. Thanks Small Batch Brew!!

  19. mackenzie_morrison (verified owner)

    My first time attempting home brew has been made pretty simple and stress free thanks to this awesome kit. Everything you need to get started, with clear instructions and FAQs that made it a fun activity for myself and my partner! Would highly recommend this for anyone interested in having a go!

  20. Ben Pidding (verified owner)

    One of the best craft brewing Kit’s in Australia if not the word quality equipment and beer it makes it crazy good and tasty compared to others and I have tried a lot of others also the service and is second to none with the how quick product gets shipped to you and how helpful the staff are honestly I wouldn’t any other now

  21. Fernando Guandique (verified owner)

    When I was thinking on home brewing, this kit was exactly what I dreamt of, but I couldn’t find it elsewhere.
    I’m in love with the products. Can’t wait to use my mini keg for the first time. It’s been 24 hours from adding yeast and I want to look at the bottle every hour to see what is happening with my first batch.
    Highly recommended!!!

  22. Anthony Lomas (verified owner)

    Brilliant. First time brewing away from canned extracts. The process is easier than I imagined. The ingredients arrived ultra fresh. The smell of the Hops was joyful. The Kit itself is high quality. Fantastic

  23. Shaun Coash (verified owner)

    I have not brewed in 5 years and thought I would be a bit rusty. This was a great way to shake off the rust and get back into it. They spell everything out for you and make it not only easy, but also fun! Highly recommend!

  24. Clancy Coker (verified owner)

    A friend suggested I give home brewing a try, and was absolutely stoked with the product! Super clear instructions about the brewing process, and every ingredient needed to start your first brew! Couldn’t recommend highly enough!

  25. Liam Brotton (verified owner)

    Great brew kit fast delivery well packaged. Simple step by step instructions cant wait to start me first brew really happy with my purchase.

  26. Hannah Blackiston (verified owner)

    Great intro product, came quickly and in good condition. Easy to use. Nice looking equipment. Really impressed.

  27. ml.read88 (verified owner)

    Great introduction to all grain brewing. Product quality is A1. Looking forward to experimenting with new brews

  28. Nathan Hardman (verified owner)

    After some careful consideration I decided to go with Small Batch Brew for my fist home brew experience. Brew day was awesome, the instructions so easy to follow and I’ve been eagerly checking the temp on the fermenter to make sure its within range. Cant wait now for dry hop and bottling this weekend!

  29. saferrett (verified owner)

    I bought this kit after being a little disappointed with the Cooper’s DIY Brew Kit, hoping that I could create something a little more “crafty” in nature. I’m only 4 days into fermentation, but I can tell you that the experience up until now has been a blast! I knew I’d made the right decision from the moment I ripped open the sealed packet containing the hops and got a lung full of that sweet sweet smell. The whole process just feels so much more authentic than chucking a heap of pre-made ingredients into a barrel, mixing, and waiting. I cannot wait to taste my first creation!

  30. Shrey Trivedi (verified owner)

    Bought the kit as a gift for my partner. But I too got involved in brewing. It was super fun.
    I love the fact that is super compact, so it fits anywhere. Right now it is in my cupboard and fermenting the brew. The kit has all the apparatus you will need.
    We opened our kit bit late and realised long after we bought that it was missing the hop sock and grain bag. But Anton was amazing in sending them out quick and fast. We thought it’ll take a number of calls/emails to resolve, but all we had to do was drop an email and everything was taken care of.
    Small Batch team provides amazing after sales support. They replied fast to all the queries we had. Keep up the good work!!

  31. cameronmoore72 (verified owner)

    This is my first exposure to grain brewing and i am glad that i decided to go with this kit to start me off. Very easy to follow instructions and a very easy kit to use overall – sneaky little beers are wonderful.

  32. Ryan Holloway (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the kit, but even more so with the customer service. Anton has gone over and above what I would expect from a company- even responding to an email sent on my first brew day, Good Friday! My brew is chilling on the fridge ahead of bottling day and I’m looking forward to tasting the Pond Ripple Pale Ale. Very highly recommended from this happy customer.

    • Anton

      Thanks for the lovely words Ryan and it is my pleasure to get you started on your brewing adventure.

  33. sjcollis999 (verified owner)

    First timer and it was so easy with this kit. The batch is fermenting away and looks great. Quick delivery and well packed. Looking forward to trying some of the other recipes.

  34. Ross Collins (verified owner)

    Solid as described kit. Exactly what I expected and exactly what a wanted. Price is spot on and delivery was prompt. Instructions seem well detailed and explain what you need to know about the brewing process.

  35. stephen.schwalger (verified owner)

    Great little pack, arrived in good condition. Made my first brew 2 weeks ago. Its now in the bottle. I found all of the items in the Brew Kit of good quality and fit for purpose. Loving this new hobby. Can’t wait to ry the beer.

  36. stella.pearce (verified owner)

    My husband was thrilled to receive this kit, and the service I received from the team at Small Batch Brew was fantastic. They ensured that my last minute order arrived in time for Christmas, and I couldn’t be more grateful 🙂

  37. Joel (verified owner)

    Order process was simple, and delivery was fast (Order marked as shipped within an hour of placing, delivery was 3 days to outer Sydney). The products received are excellent quality, were beautifully presented, and include all the information required to get a novice like me started. Now to brew!

  38. Mustangshelby68 (verified owner)

    great first kit to learn with. just put the first brew down and looking forward to the rewards. great service and information provided. cheers

  39. Lauren Taylor (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the experience but made a few mistakes first time around, including adding all the hops at the start :-/. Hoping the next batch will be better.

  40. Tom O’Reilly (verified owner)

    Awesome, fun and easy way to get into all grain home brew. Both delivery and support are provided promptly and the equipment is top notch.

  41. Joel Charles (verified owner)

    After being a beer lover for so many years I thought it was time to give brewing a go. The BIAB/carboy set-up seemed like a great way to get started. This great kit with high quality ingredients has definitely got me off to a good start. The pale ale greatly exceeded expectations, I’m already thinking about buying another carboy to increase my brewing capacity.

  42. matthewblankley (verified owner)

    I bought this kit as an entry into the hobby and so far I am very pleased with the quality of the items. The recipe card was easy to follow and I am currently waiting for the product to ferment. Already looking forward to making another brew.

  43. dkanedean (verified owner)

    quality products, well packaged, and delivered fast! i am amazed at how easy it is to make your own beer at home! can’t wait to taste it!

  44. tricolourbbqingandbrewing (verified owner)

    Great service and shipping times and great customer service too. Replied to my email very quick. Thanks guys!!

  45. hugh.marshall (verified owner)

    I’ve been brewing large batches for a while but when I came across the small batch kits I thought I would give it a go. Everything was delivered on time and well packaged. I Am very pleased with this kit and being able to try heaps of different brews. I would recommend getting a second glass carboy to run a secondary ferment and this also allows you to leapfrog with your brewing.

  46. dbforsyth (verified owner)

    Great looking kit, still need to make my first brew. Delivery was very quick considering it was ordered the week before Christmas. Only issue I have is that the stock photo’s can create a false impression as to what the kit contains, especially if one doesn’t read “whats included in the box”. Otherwise great first impressions!

    • Anton

      Thanks for the feedback and we are in the process of updating our pictures. We have upgraded our kits where you get even more than the last.

  47. teresakellargias (verified owner)

    Small Batch Brew worked overtime and sent out my purchase with express shipping to make sure it got to me before Christmas (after experiencing delays because of the bad weather in Sydney). I am so grateful for their hard work, dedication and excellent customer service. My boyfriend loved the Christmas present 🙂

  48. rachel_cleybergh (verified owner)

    bought this starters kit a few weeks ago and started brewing immediately. its so easy and amazing. in a week my first batch of beer will be ready. for now it smelled amazing when i bottled it and cant wait to try it. hope to buy lots more recipes.

  49. Connor Measey (verified owner)

    Very easy kit to work with, made my first brew easy to do

  50. bc (verified owner)

    I purchased this kit a few weeks ago now, but wanted to do a couple of brews with it before my review. The verdict… this kit is awesome!! It was packaged very well. I live in Hobart and was worried that my carboy and hydrometer may not make it in one piece. But I shouldn’t have been concerned at all. Everything arrived in good time and without any breakages. Secondly, this kit is very well put together and has pretty much everything you need for your first small batch. Finally, the team were quick to answer a few questions that I had prior to my purchase. Keep up the great work, I’ll be a repeat customer for sure 🙂

  51. fionacampbell01 (verified owner)

    I bought this for my husband and we are both excited about getting into this – him for the beer and me for the fact it’s not going to take over my whole house and looks super stylish!

  52. gforce1480 (verified owner)

    Top quality product and prompt delivery. Now for my next purchase……

  53. zoejane208 (verified owner)

    This is my first time purchasing a brewing kit and I love it! It’s beautiful and arrived very quickly. The instructions are clear and everything is well packaged. I plan to order again in the future.

  54. Murray Penter (verified owner)

    Bought the All in 1 Kit. Had an issue with the bung not sealing (ended up in the carboy). Anton helped out with tips on how to prevent this happening again and how to get the bung back out. Very satisfied with response time and fix. All the equipment is of very high quality and after the initial disappointment of the bung issue, looking forward to my next brew.

  55. James Williams (verified owner)

    This was the first home brew kit i have ever purchased very happy with what i got. Made my very first brew last week an have already purchased another carboy an two more recipe kit.
    Very happy an everyone on there Facebook group are very helpful


  56. andyfreeman47 (verified owner)

    Great brew kit! Way more included than others and everything is top quality. Got this along with the pale ale kit and can’t wait to try it!

  57. kelliemsmith79 (verified owner)

    Super speedy delivery and a great product. One very happy husband . I love that the size allows quality over quantity. Great price for the crafty beginner.

  58. Terry Hammerton (verified owner)

    Received my kit fast and am very keen to start. Has everything needed and great quality

  59. kayla-95 (verified owner)

    Got this as a gift from my girlfriend for my birthday, loved it so much I had to buy another carboy!
    Honest great bit of gear to start you on your way to the world of brewing!

  60. Sean Kearney (verified owner)

    Got this to go along with the mini keg system as well as introduce myself to BIAB, starting off on a small scale. I could not be happier with all the products I have ordered through Small Batch Brew and will be recommending them to everyone I know. Cheers.

  61. fez (verified owner)

    My first steps in all grain, this kit is great. Has everything I needed to get going. All I needed was a pot and big dreams. Great quality equipment.

  62. markconnor1976 (verified owner)

    Great value, fast delivery and easy to read instructions

  63. saherbarnett (verified owner)

    Good quality and great customer service, Looking forward to my first brew.

  64. ckaye-smith (verified owner)

    Top service, fast delivery. Opened up the kit and was impressed with the quality, and is exactly as shown on the website.

    Looking forward to my first batch in the coming days.

    Thanks Anton.

  65. staceypol (verified owner)

    So excited for this! Purchased as a gift the better half, delivery was prompt and service exceptional. Can’t wait until he cracks it open and starts on his brew journey

    • Anton

      Thanks Stacey, We can’t wait till the better half creates his first beer and you make yummy noises whilst drinking it.

  66. Simon.Rose88 (verified owner)

    Awesome kit for a first time home brewer! Delivery was exceptional and well packaged. Already looking to get another Carboy for a second batch brew, and definitely the Mini Keg setup for the ease!

    Good job gang 🙂

    • Anton

      Thanks for the feedback Simon, how are your brews coming along?

  67. ekruip (verified owner)

    Small Batch Brew provided great pre-sale and post-sale support. They were more than happy to answer my questions and their response was always very timely. Fast delivery. Looking forward to my first brew.

  68. kelliejames1989 (verified owner)

    I purchased a starter kit for my husband. The small batch brew had AMAZING customer service and Not just before the purchase was made.
    I was able to ask questions about which was best and what was included to make the right purchase then afterwards Anton happily sent us some extra info on how to brew it. (He even replied to me on date night, talk about service).
    We will definitely be buying from here again.
    Even home brewing friends who’ve come to check out the goods were surprised by the great quality and are excited to get their hands on some small batch brew merch.

  69. handyman.mowing.whyalla (verified owner)

    love it, very good quality especially for the money. you will not regret purchasing one

  70. criedy (verified owner)

    I brewed my first small batch with the kit on the weekend – indeed, my first ever home brew. The kit makes it so easy to get started using equipment you already have at home. I also used the Citra Warrior IPA recipe kit which lays out the process at just the right level of detail for the first-time brewer. All in all, the process really was a breeze thanks to this kit and my IPA is now happily fermenting away in the basement. The hard bit will be waiting a month to try it!

  71. ebaland (verified owner)

    For $100 to get started brewing you can either get a massive cheap plastic kit or a smaller high quality glass kit. I (obviously) went with the latter and am very happy I did. First brew ever was the Splat and Smash Pilsner. Not bad for the first go – though next time I’ll try and get more juice for the initial wort. The thing about brewing small is that I’m already on to the next batch – the amber IPA. If I had a big plastic 23 litre rig I’d be stuck drinking my ‘lite’ Pilsner for the next month and a half. With the 5 litre glass carboy I can make adjustments and actually (hopefully) improve. Thanks!

  72. (verified owner)

    I ordered this a while ago, and haven’t left a comment in the discussion until prompted by email.

    However, the all-in-one starter kit is a budget friendly, convenient, and small package that will allow you to get started on your Small Batch Brewing journey. The package takes away the stress of trying to figure out what is needed for a small batch of beer brewing. Aside from that, I am a complete convert to smaller batch brewing now.

    After 5 brews have fermented in the carboy, I am confident to say that this thing is going to last for a long time before it is in need of being replaced!

  73. gisborne (verified owner)

    Excellent way to start your All Grain Brew experience!

    • Anton

      Start small and dream big or #dreambigbrewsmall

  74. resbekt (verified owner)

    Bought this brew kit for my fella’s birthday. He absolutely loves it ! We have yet to get a brew on, that will be happening on the weekend 🙂
    The kit is superb !!

    • Anton

      Awww shucks – now get that brew on!

  75. taniaheron (verified owner)

    was so excited to receive – i am off to the home brew shop to buy glass bottles in readiness for my brew to be ready.

    • Anton

      Looking forward to seeing what you create.

  76. Michael Flegg (verified owner)

    I recently ordered one of these and was immediately impressed by the quality of what it contains after having seen some of the other offerings on the shelf of other retailers for a similar price. Great products, even better customer service from the guys at Small Batch Brew Company – I’ve asked near on two dozen questions since ordering and receiving my kit and the responses have been immediate and more than helpful. The guys are genuinely keen to give punters new and experienced alike a great customer and beer making experience. I highly recommend sourcing anything you need from these guys.

    • Anton

      Thanks Michael, appreciate your kind words – we love helping and we love brewing and we love seeing others follow their beer passion 🙂

  77. me (verified owner)

    Got this as a Christmas pressie for my dad who is notoriously difficult to buy for, and he loved it! He hasn’t had a chance to brew yet, but looking at it the components they all seem very high quality and the instructions easy to follow. The size and price are absolutely perfect for beginners. Can’t wait to taste the results!

    • Anton

      Glad your Dad loved it and Im sure you can’t wait to taste the beer he makes.

  78. greg (verified owner)

    I’m a lapsed 20L kit/concentrate brewer but am short on time and wanted to improve the quality of my brews, so small batch brewing appealed to me. I purchased the starter kit about 6 weeks ago. It was delivered quickly and is full of all the gear you need to start small batch brewing. I’ve since joined the Facebook group, have brewed 2 batches and am now looking forward to using the kegging kit my family bought me for Christmas. The gear is all good stuff and the support from Anton has been outstanding, supplemented by friendly help and support from the Facebook group. Great stuff all ’round, highly recommended!

    • Anton

      Thanks Greg – glad you are enjoying the brewing in Small Batches.

  79. mapsism (verified owner)

    I ordered this midday Sunday and it was delivered the morning of Monday! Great service. Opened the pack and everything looks top quality. Looking forward to getting into my first small batch

  80. Tara Ann (verified owner)

    I purchased this item for my partner who is a lover of beer and, has always wanted to start a brewery. When he saw it he was absolutely thrilled. An excellent size for any beginner and comes with all the items you need to brew. Amazing customer service, always willing to give any assistance if needed. Can’t wait to start brewing!

  81. Kristen Doyle (verified owner)

    Bought this for my boyfriend (huge beer lover) for his birthday. He has never been happier. An awesome gift to give- you will give them bragging rights to all their mates.

    • Anton

      Thanks Kristen and we are happy that your boyfriend now has bragging rights amongst his friends.

  82. garry_edwards80 (verified owner)

    I purchased this item and 2 others around 9am this morning. 15/11. 2pm on the dot I had a knock on the door…. it was delivered.

    Beyond impressed with the service and help I have received from Anton over the last few weeks while I procrastinated with indecisiveness about what to purchase.

    Thanks again Anton. Very much appreciated.

  83. jamiejohansen610 (verified owner)

    I recieved my kit today and am extremely happy with my purchase. It’s very well put together and has everything you need for your first small batch. Even more so if you opt for the recipe kit! Keep up the great work, I’ll be a return customer indefinitely!

    • Anton

      Thanks Jamie, it’s been an absolute pleasure helping you on your way. You already sound like a pro brewer.

  84. adamjg71 (verified owner)

    Being new to small batch brewing I am very happy with my kit and also very happy with the aftersales support and help provided from Anton taking me through the brewing process step by step, I look forward to trying a few different recipes in the near future.

    • Anton

      Thanks Adam, we are glad to be part of your brewing journey. We will share a beer with you soon.

  85. Carl Heinrich (verified owner)

    Previously owned a 2-tier mashing set-up. This little set-up takes up one tenth the space and can produce similarly great booze. Love it.

    • Anton

      That is exactly why we designed it. For the time and space poor. We are happy that you are happy.

  86. joe_harper (verified owner)

    Bought the kit to begin BIAB brewing. Small Batch Brew were fantastic in providing information and advice to help with my purchase.
    The kit itself looks great quality and is all as described and was well packaged. Also delivery was super fast! Can’t wait to start brewing. Will definitely ve back for more ingredients soon!

    • Anton

      Thanks for the kind words Joe – how is your latest brew coming along?

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