Home Brew Bottling Wand With Spring

32cm Long - Essential For Bottle Filling


The Blue Bottler is a bottle filling device with a spring loaded shut off valve.The Blue Bottler also known as a Bottling Wand is perfect for filling bottles of any size.

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The Blue Bottler Bottling Wand makes the task of bottling your beer, wine, cider or mead so much easier!

The bottler fits into the standard natural tap.

When the tap is turned on, the weight of the beer snaps the valve on the bottler shut, and the beer flow ceases.

When the bottle is brought up over the bottler and pushed upward, the valve opens and the bottle is filled.

This reduces foaming and oxidation of the beer.

The Blue Bottler is made from a food grade plastic.

Fills stubbies, pints and tallies – all sizes from 250ml 330ml 500ml 660ml and 750ml to 800ml.

Fits inside a standard fermenter tap and will fill the bottles from the bottom up.

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