Semi Automatic Syphon with Filter

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Transferring your wort or beer is a step in the home brewing process that can be easily overlooked.  Use the syphon with a custom made filter to transfer your wort to your carboy, this will remove additional particles ready for the yeast to go to work.

Use the semi automatic mini syphon directly connected to the liquid (black) barbed disconnect to transfer your fermented beer from the carboy to the keg.

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The semi automatic mini syphon with filter provides the perfect tool for transferring wort from your brew kettle to your carboy and from your carboy to your Small Batch mini keg.  The attached filter helps reduce the amount of particles included in your final beer making it super clear.

Why our semi automatic mini syphons are different:

  • Filter included
  • 1 meter syphon hose with semi automatic pump
  • Fits perfectly with the barbed liquid (black) disconnect

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Dimensions18 × 18 × 3 cm


3 reviews for Semi Automatic Syphon with Filter

  1. teno45 (verified owner)

    Bought purely for the funnel, but a total convert on the syphon. Whilst I’ve syphoned before using just tubing,the added filter and ease of operation does make it quite useful for small batch brews!

  2. mr_gslb (verified owner)

    Highly useful (in fact essential) item for syphoning your beer and for bottling. Works well and saved me from creating a mess, usually my experience when bottling my beer!!

  3. f.b (verified owner)

    Since I bought this, I’m struggling to remember how I did small brews without it.
    Because I’m leaving most (but not all) of the trub behind, my beers are coming out cleaner and clearer than ever before.

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