Home Brew Fermenting Starter Kit

includes 5L Carboy, Airlock, Bung, LCD Thermometer


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The most important part of brewing beer, kombucha or mead is controlling fermentation. Getting this right will result in the  tastiest home brew and it brews best in stainless steel or glass.

Give your beverages the best start with our basic home brew fermenting starter kit which include: 5 litre glass carboy / demijohn, 3 piece home brew airlock, silicone bung, and LCD sticker thermometer. These can also be used as a small wine, mead and kombucha fermenter.

Cant decide? This is also included in our Small Batch Brew Starter Kit

*Maximum of 4 only can be purchased at one time

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Why glass over plastic? Glass carboys are very impermeable to oxygen, meaning that your beer will stay fresh even after a long secondary fermentation.

  • 5 Litre Glass Carboy / demijohn
  • Easy to clean.
  • Will not scratch like a plastic bucket or carboy.
  • Includes a water proof brewing sticker to keep track of your OG/FG, style, dates and name of beer.
  • Fits easily in a small wine fridge for temperature controlled lagering
  • Can also be used as a small wine, mead and kombucha fermenter.

3 piece airlocks are the preferred choice used by most good home brewers.  They are easy to clean, fill and watch the fermentation magic happen.  Watching the bubbles during this process could be seen as therapeutic and meditative.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Less chance of infection as it includes a cap to stop the nasties getting in
  • Fill with sanitised water and insert into the silicone bung

Track your beers temperature through the joy of fermentation. Maintaining your beer at a regular temperature helps yeast develop the tasty flavours that make great beer.  These accurate LCD thermometers attach directly to our carboy and give readings via the display.

  • Specifically made for carboys / demijohns
  • Temperature range between 2c & 28c
  • Water resistant and strong adhesion
  • Colour highlights to indicate current temperature

Fermenting beer is highly sensitive to oxygen and risk of infection.  We use food grade silicone bungs to give you a gap free fit in your carboy everytime. Don’t settle for rubber as this degrades and can split spoiling all of your beer efforts.

  • Made from food grade silicone
  • Bored hole for a seamless fit with our S Bubbler airlock or if you prefer a silicone blow off tube
  • Tapered end to fit snugly into our glass carboy / demijohn
  • 28mm bottom and 35mm top

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 29 cm

13 reviews for Home Brew Fermenting Starter Kit

  1. Sue Lush (verified owner)

    Purchased one of these kits a while back and have a batch of mead glugging away in it, so happy with it I have since purchased another 2 kits.
    Great price to get started brewing, delivery was quick and packaged beautifully.
    Have just ordered a few other accessories.

  2. Torin

    I purchased one of these demijohns a few months ago. I have been using it constantly since. This product is really high quality and I recommend all of my friends getting into home brewing to purchase from here.

    Thanks guys <3

  3. Gareth Finney (verified owner)

    Great kit. Love the size and practicality of it all. Came as advertised and have my first brew bubbling away already!

  4. jkilday25 (verified owner)

    This is great. I’ve only just gotten into all Grain after doing kits for years and it’s great for experimental brews.
    The product is great quality, delivery was fast, extremely happy with purchase.


  5. rma149 (verified owner)

    since one fermenter is never enough, i purchased this kit. comes with everything you need, good quality and a great price.

    perfect for when you need to get an order over $125 for the free shipping or a great add-on if you already have.

  6. jan.cross (verified owner)

    I bought this carboy to make alcohol Kombucha. Very happy with the price and quality. It looks great sitting on my living room sideboard.

  7. aaron (verified owner)

    Great product well made and quick delivery and great service

  8. arrynphillips (verified owner)

    I purchased two of these kits and I am very happy with what arrived, you are doing a great job small batch and I will buy again.

  9. fez (verified owner)

    I bought additional fermenter with my all in one starter kit and I love it. Small batch brewing is great, its quicker and takes up less space than larger batches which is great in my small unit.

    The customer service is out of this world. Anton and his team do an amazing job.

  10. rawfoodistmum (verified owner)

    Awesome product and great customer service

  11. ben_russell24 (verified owner)

    When i received this product i was 100% over the moon the quality was amazing and price is bang on

    • Anton

      Thanks Ben for the review. We want to make sure we have the best kit at the right price. In the end it’s all about the beer.

  12. garry_edwards80 (verified owner)

    I added this to my initial purchase for the same reasons as part 2.

    I’m hoping to find combinations of grain and hops that my friends and family as well as myself will enjoy

    • Anton

      You pretty much have the full kit now!

    • Anton

      You are a star Dan and it has been nice getting to know you through beer.

  13. joe_harper (verified owner)

    I bought two additional brew day fermenting sets with the full bree kit so i could get multiple brews going at once.
    The carboys are good quality think glass and the binge and airlocks are a great fit and well finished. Very happy!

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