Mini Keg Brumby Beer Tap


Our brumby taps are not related to the free roaming feral horse usually found in the Australian Alps but a chrome and brass pouring apparatus to pour perfect beer from from your Small Batch mini keg to glass.

We provide you with the MFL shank and not charge for an optional extra! We figured what would you do with a tap without a shank…

This tap is included in our Small Batch Mini Keg Kits


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Brumby taps are the most common beer taps for kegging systems the world over. The taps and MFL shank screw onto your liquid (black) disconnects easily.  Made from chrome and brass plated and can be easily disassembled for cleaning.

Why Small Batch Brew taps are different?

  • We include the shank adapter (not an optional extra) to connect your tap to the liquid (black) disconnect
  • Chrome and Brass plated
  • Our handles are inter-changable meaning you can select between chrome of plastic options
  • Compatible with all competitors mini keg products

Become a baller with this shiny tap add-on. Add a shiny chrome tap instead of our standard plastic version.

You get the brumby tap, MFL shank and a chrome tap handle.

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