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The Small Batch Brew Story

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It’s obvious that we are in a beer revolution or as we like to say a “brewvolution”. We are a passionate group of home brewers with over 20 years experience in crafting that perfect beer and believe in treating beer with very same respect its cousin wine has received over many centuries. Our idea has been incubating for years through many brew days and drinking a beer or two. In the end it was nothing but great conversation and dreaming of bringing the art of craft into everyone’s home through beer. Finally, we’ve put our money where our mouths are, have put pen to paper, chalk to our blackboard and launched Small Batch Brew in 2016.

It’s no doubt that beer is in its renaissance period and this is seen by many new breweries popping up across Australia. It was only a decade or so ago that the likes of Coopers and James Squire was described a unique beer and the terms haze, hoppy, resiny were never uttered in public to describe a beers character. Now fast forward to today, look how far we’ve come. We now demand more from our beers; more flavour, more malt, more aroma. In Australia though, we have only scratched the surface of beer styles and whilst IPAs and Pale Ales dominate our top 50 beers year on year, our palettes are maturing and we are demanding more complex beers to satisfy our desires.

That’s why we want you to be part of our journey, we believe that the best beers are brewed by accident, experimenting, trying new flavours, combining yeasts and using a wide range of ingredients and what better way than brewing small. This is how we define Craft Beer. Craft Beer is not brewed in such a large scale that it loses the meaning of the word craft and becomes commercial. Start experimenting, create your own style, give a beer your own personality and remember to dream big and brew small and call it your own.

In this age of digital information, emails, sms, facebook, twitter etc. we can get lost in what to read, what to follow, who to recommend and what is sponsored advertising versus an honest review. We believe in focusing on the best natural ingredients and equipment for home brewing at a small scale and all at a competitive price. We don’t chase fads and will extensively trial new equipment and ingredients before ever including it into our catalogue. This is our promise and commitment to you.


Co-Founder and Brewer

I first started brewing almost a decade ago and made mistakes, plenty of them.  I started with plastic buckets, big cauldrons and everything took so much time and not to mention the space.  I dedicated a full day in setup, cleaning and preparation and not to mention the countless trips to the brew store because I’d forgotten something. Now don’t get me wrong the beers turned out great, friends and family loved them, they won awards but I thought there had to a better way.  I wanted beer variety, I wanted to experiment and expand my knowledge in as many different beer styles and I wanted to brew more often and match my beer to food.  So I had a party cleared out the 100 litres of beer and reset. This is the start of the Small Batch Brew story.

Waking up out of the party haze I had a revelation!  Brew small and with big flavours. Here is why 5 litre Small Batch Craft Beers are the way to go.


Creator & Curator


We believe in a good user experience from the moment you visit our website to the time you receive your order.  Just because we are online doesn’t mean you can’t get personalised service.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Our ingredients are sourced from sustainable Australian maltsters and hipsters and are kept fresh.  Beer recipes are made to order and vacuum sealed.  None of our ingredients are kept in our warehouse longer than 30 days making sure you get it as fresh as possible.

Quality Products

We source our products from a variety of suppliers both locally and internationally with a focus on premium finishes and items that will go the distance on brew day.

Help when you need it

You are joining a community of Small Batch Home Brewers who are willing to help out through the entire process.  Visit our growing Facebook group @smallbatchhomebrewingclub

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