Home Brew Beer Silicone Bung (28 mm x 35 mm)


The most important part of brewing beer is controlling fermentation. Getting this right will result in the  tastiest craft beer. Make sure you have the right fermenting equipment and give your beer the best start with our 28mm bored silicone bung.

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Fermenting beer is highly sensitive to oxygen and risk of infection.  We use food grade silicone bungs to give you a gap free fit in your carboy everytime. Don’t settle for rubber as this degrades and can split spoiling all of your beer efforts.

Why our bungs are different?

  • Made from food grade silicone
  • Bored hole for a seamless fit with our 3 piece airlock or if you prefer a silicone blow off tube
  • Tapered end to fit snugly into our glass carboy
  • 28mm bottom and 35mm top

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Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 2.8 cm



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