Home Brew Beer Glass Carboy / Demijohn (5 Litre)

Includes LCD thermometer


The most important part of brewing beer is controlling fermentation. Getting this right will result in the  tastiest craft beer. Make sure you have the right fermenting equipment and remember beer brews best in stainless steel or glass.

Give your beer the best start with our 5 litre glass carboy and LCD thermometer. These carboys can also be used as a small wine, mead and kombucha fermenter.

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Why glass over plastic? Glass carboys are very impermeable to oxygen, meaning that your beer will stay fresh even after a long secondary fermentation.

Why our glass 5 litre carboys / demijohns different?

  • Easy to clean.
  • Will not scratch like a plastic bucket or carboy / demijohn.
  • Includes a water proof brewing sticker to keep track of your OG/FG, style, dates and name of beer.
  • Fits easily in a small wine fridge for temperature controlled lagering
  • Can be also used as a small wine, mead and kombucha fermenter.
  • Includes an LCD Thermometer sticker to track your temperature


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